Use the robots in this puzzle game to complete the task and finish the level. But note that each robot can only execute one command.

The robots in this game are as simple as they can be, but combine the robots and commands smartly and you create a great machine, that can complete the task set.

Please note that this is not a complete game, but only a prototype to explore the core game mechanic. Unfortunately, I only got in two days before the end of the jam and didn't have enough time for a full game. But wanted to present the basic idea, so the game is lacking polish and more levels. Anyway, have fun with the eight playable levels.


Click robots with left mouse button to give them commands

Press space to toggle between plan and execution mode

Press R to reset the level

Press ESC to return to level selection


This is my submission for the OLC CodeJam 2020, find more infos here:

Find the sources on GitHub:


I more or less slapped the graphics together from free asset packs, so my thanks go out to:

Orchestrator was created using Godot Engine, thanks to everyone involved in the development of this incredible tool.

Development log


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This game is really great. You are a great developer. Hoping to see more levels in the future!

Wow, thank you 😲🤩


Indeed, it is a good little game. Starts to get quite complex at level 7-8.

Continue to add more levels! ^^ And fixed your description: spaceto

Fixed the typo, thanks.

I'm not sure if it is ok, to add more levels as long as the voting of the jam is going, but I will try to, afterwards.


The levels were tricky and really fun. The levels were hard even though the robots only could do simple instructions. Nice game! 

Thanks for the feedback, as the one creating the levels, it's always hard to estimate, how they will feel for the player.